Advocacy Alert: May 2021

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Congress is writing an infrastructure bill with a great deal of climate mitigation potential. They need to hear from their constituents that climate is a priority in order to make the bill as ambitious as it needs to be. 


Take a few minutes to call your members of congress to tell them you want sweeping climate legislation.

You have two senators and a representative in the House of Representatives. Dial: (202) 224-3121

Tell the operator that you’d like to speak to one of the senators for your state. Use the provided script and feel free to add details about why you care. Call back to ask for your other senator, and then again for your representative in the house.


Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent. I’m calling to tell you that I want ambitious climate action in the upcoming infrastructure package. The plan should include (choose any or all of the items on the below a-la carte menu of climate solutions.)

  • clean electricity standards 
  • investment in renewable energy 
  • the establishment of a civilian climate corps
  • incentives for farmers to use climate-friendly practices
  • a guarantee that 40% of investments will go to disadvantaged communities

Thank you.