Advocacy Alert: July 2021

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Imagine if Congress took transformative action on climate change and agriculture through a racial and economic justice lens. How different would our food system look in two, five, ten, or fifty years if our country made a serious investment this year in just, climate-friendly agricultural solutions? Imagine how much more ‘fit to eat’ our food would be!
We have an opportunity to make progress on that vision today. Congress is currently working on legislation that offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fund climate-friendly agriculture conservation practices, climate and agriculture research, and resilient local supply chain infrastructure. Let’s remind lawmakers in the House and Senate that their constituents want them to take bold, transformative action for the future of our food system.


Take a few minutes to call your legislators. You have two Senators and a Congressperson.

Dial: (202) 224-3121

Tell the operator that you’d like to speak to one of the senators for your state. Use the provided script and feel free to add details about why you care. Go ahead and leave a message if no one answers. Hang up and dial the switchboard again to ask for your other senator, and then again for your representative in the house.


Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent. I am calling about pending infrastructure legislation. I hope that the [SENATOR or REPRESENTATIVE] will support a just transition in the food system by investing at least $200 billion to help farmers adopt climate-friendly practices, allow researchers to develop climate-resilient crops, and support local and regional supply chains. Historically marginalized farmers should be intentionally included in these investments to correct for past discrimination. Can I count on your office to champion this critical funding for a resilient and climate-friendly food system?

Thank you.