Welcome to the Hazon Seal of Sustainability digital audit platform, your first stop on the road to a healthier and more sustainable future.

The audits evaluate a broad swath of your organization’s operations, from lighting to landscaping, compost to cleaning, poultry to pollinators. Three audits are available, covering (a) Food, (b) Facilities, and (c) Ecosystems (indoor and outdoor). Each audit helps your organization evaluate its current performance — and find inspiration for future improvements.

If you have received a login ID from Hazon, click “login to take audit,” so that you can save your answers and receive a score. If you don’t have an ID, click “view audit” to peruse the audit without saving your answers. If you would like to receive an ID or have other questions, please contact

Please note: These Audits will, among other things, suggest that you take steps to examine and assess your organization’s patterns of water, electric, gas and oil use, as well as your waste streams. These are professionally referred to as audits as well (Energy Audit, Waste Audit etc.), and are not to be confused with this initial benchmarking process that is the three Hazon Seal of Sustainability Audits.

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Major Achievements