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Becoming Shomrei Adamah

“Becoming ‘Shomrei Adamah’” is a program that is intended to serve a large audience with a wide age range and little or no experience in the natural world or with nature-based Judaism. It is a stations-based program in which small groups (in this case, groups of 4-8) travel from activity to activity on a rotation, […]

Divine Dyeing

This program is an interactive color exploration through natural dyeing. Participants will learn about the symbolism and holiness associated with certain colors in Judaism, specifically the blue of tekhelet that is found in Tzitzit. They will also learn how to harvest and use different parts of plants to create their own dye and take home […]

Natural Sofer (Torah Art Explorah)

This program is an exploration into the Jewish tradition of Torah making. Through learning the traditional process of a sofer, the participants will get a hands-on painting/calligraphy activity. Incorporating homemade inks from plants furthers the connection to the Jewish nature world. The Torah is a central component of Judaism. Together, develop a further and deeper […]

Torah Theater: Ancestral Wisdom in the Wilderness

This program, called Torah Theater, is about drawing from the strength of our ancestors, and the robustness of Jewish tradition, while preparing for a wilderness challenge. Serach Bat-Asher is a mystical, mysterious, wise, and perhaps immortal woman – what can we learn from her stories? This program invites the kids to act out some of […]

Whittling a Yad

A Yad, or hand, is the pointing tool traditionally used to help us read from the Sefer Torah. Our Torah scroll is both sacred and delicate. We would never want to damage it with our fingers, so we use a Yad to help us follow along as we leyn. By making their own Yad out […]

The “Stones” Text: JOFEE Interpretations

The “Stones” text (Talmud Bavli, Masekhet Bava Kama 50b) is one of the foundational texts of Hazon, and perhaps of the entire Jewish ecological movement. “This text provides no answers. But it poses important questions, and establishes a framework for relating to a range of contemporary issues through the prism of Jewish tradition,” wrote Nigel […]

Tu B’shevat Seders

A Tu B’shevat Seder is a fun experiential way to connect to an increasingly well-known Jewish holiday, bringing to life ecological teachings, enjoying fruit from around the world, and of fostering social connections. Here are four distinct ideas for a Seder to celebrate this Jewish “New Year for the trees”, all of which combine traditional […]

Pickling Activities

Pickling is easy, fun, highly adaptable, and deeply connected to Jewish history and tradition. Here are two different ideas for a pickling curriculum, prepared as part of the JOFEE Fellowship: In Nicole Cruz’s workshop “Pickling for Families”, explore new ways to preserve and eat seasonal food with your children, learn about the history of pickling […]

Shmita and Foraged Foods

This program is a unique, interactive activity for a festival-style event that combines knowledge of local wild edible plants and the Jewish tradition of Shmita. For this program, the educator creates four unique “trading cards” to pass out at the event, and two examples of local, foraged food. The trading cards serve as a way […]

Trees and Permaculture in Jewish Tradition

Source texts about trees and permaculture within Jewish tradition and history.

Judaism and Spirituality

Learn about various Jewish traditions and their spiritual basis, and how farming and sustainability can be spiritual and religious activities.

JFS – Introduction to Jewish Environmentalism

The following give a background to Jewish environmentalism and information on Jewish sustainable agriculture.