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Gan Nashim: Growing Strong Jewish Girls

A health and cooking program which draws upon Jewish tradition to address challenges of maintaining a healthy diet in today’s world.

Get Involved with NRDC

The National Resource Defense Council has a page dedicated to their campaigns and ways to get involved.

Ginat Ha’Yeladim – Jewish Children’s Garden Curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum for Jewish institutions with educational gardens.

GMO foods and Jewish law resources

Articles and resources focused on looking at Genetically Modified foods through Jewish law and traditions.

Grants from KidsGardening

This organization allows you to apply for grants for gardening equipment, search gardening curricula, and more.

Green Cleaning

Resources about green cleaning products available for purchase, recipes to create your own, and information about the dangers of traditional products.

Green Kiddush Guide

Included in this guide for synagogues are specific suggestions on how to schedule and promote a vegetarian Green Kiddush, a list of concrete ways to make it “green,” tips associated with each suggestion, and templates of educational signage.

Green Team Guide (full)

Use this evaluation report’s key findings and recommendations for how to successfully institutionalize a green team.


Greenfaith is an “interfaith coalition for the environment” with a variety of environmental resources in religious contexts and religious resources in environmental contexts.

Greenfaith’s Green Worship Guide

This guide by Rabbi Lawrence Troster provides ideas for incorporating environmental messages into your prayer service.

Greenfaith’s Thirteen Steps to Save Energy

A list of twelve steps for getting started on energy conservation.

GrowNYC: Stop & Swap

Stop & Swap’s intention is for community members to reduce waste by exchanging “clean, reusable, portable items such as clothing, house wares, games, books, & toys that you no longer need,” at no cost.