Welcome to Hazon’s ECOSYSTEMS audit!

Focusing on health & healthy ecosystems, this audit examines human health in the “indoor ecosystem,” transportation and commuting, landscaping and outdoor ecosystems. This includes green cleaning, biking, hiking trails, pest management, native landscaping, indoor air quality, and more.

How to Take the Audit

1. To Start: Click the first section at left, then check off activities your organization has done over the past year. If you completed an activity more than a year ago, only select it if it’s still in effect (e.g. a LED lighting upgrade). You can save your work and return to update your answers.

2. Scoring: You will receive a color-coded score for each topic, based on the scoring value of each activity that you check off. When choosing projects to improve, you can focus on areas where you have a low score, or continue to improve areas where you already have seen successes.

3. Activity Relevance: If you have not done so, visit your Profile page to answer a few quick questions about your institution. We use your answers to filter out activities that may not apply to you, such as those requiring you to own your building or have outdoor grounds.


Room for Progress
Modest Accomplishment
Major Achievements